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Vow Violation August 9, 2008

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I was a bad wife the other day.  It had been a long day at work and I was sitting on the couch researching natural cures.  If you’ve never looked into the natural health movement, I highly suggest it.  It’s fascinating stuff.  I mean, it makes sense that, since God created us, we should be utilizing God created substances, not fakey, human created substances.  Anyway, I was engrossed.  I heard a big noise from the bathroom.  First thought – Caleb dropped the body wash – which he’s done several times on my head.  Second thought – the towel rack fell.  So I yelled “are you okay?” to which there was no reply.  For some reason, I took this as a good sign and continued my engrossment.  Ten minutes later my dejected husband walks out of the bathroom and says “thanks for coming to help me!”  Apparently he had stepped into the shower, slipped, fallen backwards out of the shower, grabbed the shower curtain for support and continued to fall, bringing the entire curtain down with him.  And I thought he dropped the soap.  I apologized profusely for hours.  And I made him a yummy dinner.


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