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Vows August 9, 2008

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I think vows are kind of a big deal.  Which is why I think writing your vows is kind of a big deal.  Definition of vow: a solemn promise pledge, or personal commitment.  Did you catch the personal commitment part?  What could be better than publicly pronouncing your  personal promise to one another in front of all of the people you love – all of whom can then hold you to said standards.  I will always, always remember the moment we said our vows to each other.  We were both so sure and so confident in what we were saying.  My prayer is that we all take our vows, whether marriage related or otherwise, seriously.  I’m reminded me of a certain Snow Patrol song (yes please!)- “Those three words are said too much, but not enough.”   Instead of throwing around promises of love, our goal is to loyally adhere to each and every promise made. Here are our vows (well, mine for now – I have to find Caleb’s somewhere) – please encourage us to strive to honor them daily, as we will do for you and yours!  Oh, and I would also like to say that we both wrote them the morning of the wedding, thinking the other had finished their’s weeks earlier. 😉 I would not recommend doing this, but, hey, it’s from the heart. 



It is a beautiful thing to look back five years and laugh at our 15 year old selves.  It is a testimony to the divine work of God that we are here today, and that we have grown closer through trials and tears.  I am in awe of the man you have become.  At 15 I knew you were kind, had beautiful eyes, and made me laugh.  At 21 I know that you are the most genuine, selfless, joyful man I have ever known, and your character and strength have carried me through so much.  It is because of you that I have begun to understand the unconditional love of God.  You have laid down your own desires and wants to lift me up countless times, and it is in these acts that I most understand the sacrificial love of Jesus.  My desire as your wife is to do the same thing for you.  I desire to love you as Jesus loves you, to serve you as Jesus serves you, and to comfort you as Jesus comforts you.  I desire to know the deepest parts of you more and more everyday.  Most of all, I desire the two of us to become one flesh that runs passionately after the God that has given us this beautiful gift of love.  Thank you, Jesus, for being the center of our lives.  My prayer is that we are always in a passionate, steadfast relationship with you.

I often wonder what crazy ride we’ve gotten ourselves into, because I know God often has plans we could never dream of – but how boring would life be if we relied on our own control? 


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