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The Little Things August 11, 2008

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He leaves the shower curtain open after he showers.

She never restarts the “trip” button after she fills the car up.

He empties his pockets on the counter (table, sofa..) and leaves it there.

She pushes me to the edge of the bed every night.  (Insert – I’m just trying to cuddle!)

He towel dries his hair and doesn’t comb it back down – and looks like a New Kid on the Block.

She leaves the ignition in a spot where it dings over and over again every time the car door opens.

He leaves food wrappers on the counter instead of putting them in the trash.

She puts dirty dishes in my clean dish water.

He could play Playstation for hours.

She is paranoid about locking the doors and turning off the stove. 

He thinks our apartment is a tool box.

She prefers “cute” to “efficient.”

He will wear any shirt with his camoflauge shorts – even if it looks hideous. 

She makes up details when she tells stories. 

She pops my zits. 

He makes me breakfast in bed.

She kisses me every morning before I go to work. 

He loves to brush my hair.

She wraps her arm around me and gently kisses my neck.

He got funnier when we got married.

She pays the bills.

He also got more attractive.

She reads aloud from whatever book she is into- at parts where she is intrigued, fascinated…

He discovered crushed red pepper and puts it in everything – it’s adorable.

She makes glorious food.

He still opens the car door for me – any door for that matter.

She lays her head on my chest.

He’s learning how to communicate when and why he’s upset.

She makes sex jokes.

He goes to every length he can to love me better.

She stilll has The Dimple.

He reads Psalms to me before we go to bed.

She would beat people up for me.

He always makes sure to kiss me goodnight and say how much he loves me.

She returns the kiss and the ‘I love you’s’.


2 Responses to “The Little Things”

  1. Michelle Says:

    I LOVE THIS!! And it makes me want to get married :)) You guys are too cute… I’m going to keep reading your posts 😉

  2. kristi Says:

    they say that “life is in the details.” i try not to get too hung up on them but you know… they matter. i like you both and your little things.

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