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Trying to understand… November 22, 2008

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I hate it when Caleb leaves.  It’s dumb.  This weekend marks the second in November that he has departed our cozy little nook of an apartmet.  The first was to lead a retreat – very noble – and he learned lots and grew lots and I’m glad he went.  And I lived through it (thanks to visiting family!).  Now he’s gone to Memphis.  To eat fried chicken.  Seriously – it is much harder for me to be happy about this.  However, he’s been so excited all week.  He had  a t-minus countdown going last Sunday.  Tonight him and 5 other buddies jumped in a van, will drive overnight, will get “Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken” and will drive back through the night tomorrow and return Sunday.  I am not a guy.  I do not understand why this is fun – but I do know that he needs time to be a guy with other guys and adventure and man talk and be naked and smoke cigars and drink a beer and kill animals and encourage his friends and learn from them and grow closer to God.  But that does not mean I am happy about it.  Not until he gets back anways.  Then I’ll be glad.


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