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Home January 3, 2009

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I’m a huge proponent of creating a comforting and and hospitable home.  Hospitatlity is extremely important to us and I truly believe atmosphere can create a feeling of welcoming, warmth, and comfort.  We have found that it is entirely possible to decorate a cute (and matching – I’m a matching freak) home without having a whole lot of money, and it’s also a good communication experience as husband and wife.   It was our goal to create a home together that is welcoming to others and that we both enjoy spending time in. Caleb has quite the eye for it and, though it may not be his favorite thing to do, he makes it a point to put effort into it because it is important to me.  There are a million things I would rather have done, but in the end, we work with what we have and it’s the time and effort put into it that makes it a hospitable home (atleast we hope!) and not just an apartment.  Here are a few pictures of our little apartment (and of Caleb playing Play Station, as that is truly fascinating)- it’s not perfect,  it’s definately lived in, and our homes will always be works in progress, but it’s ours.  Besides, I’m coming to realize that perfection is overrated when it comes to personal expression. 


One Response to “Home”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Kari!!! Hello! I was hoping you would post some pictures of your home. I love it! You have such great use of color, and you know i love the amy butler fabric. Did you paint your kitchen table to match? so cute…have you heard of apartment You should enter your apartment in the small living space contest. Hope things are going well for you guys.-Steph

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