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The Perils of the ER February 20, 2009

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Two weeks ago, Caleb and I were fast asleep, and like a snap Caleb woke up with a severe, sudden onset headache.  I woke up soon after to see pain in his eyes, which I had never seen before.  He usually hides it well.  However, he had never experienced this before, has never had migraines, and did not have the slightest clue where the sudden pain had come from.  My mother’s father died from a brain anuerysm, and severe, sudden onset headaches are a sign typical of brain aneurysm, as well as other serious problems like stroke and tumor.  I’m not a drama queen, I promise :).  I called my mom (a nurse) right away and asked her what we should do.  With the background of her father’s illness, she didn’t want to take any chances so she suggested we go to the ER just in case.   Well, four hours, a CAT scan, intense pain medication administered through the biggest needle I’ve ever seen, lots of prayers, and $1200 no insurance later, we were home and Caleb was fine- drugged and out of it – but fine.   They had treated him for a severe migraine with intructions on what to do if it happened again. Honestly, it was all worth it to know he was okay, but wouldn’t it be nice if the ER wasn’t the only choice when you have no idea what to do in a medical situation?


What do puppies, emergency rooms, and summers have in common? February 8, 2009

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The Whites.  First – puppies.  Momma Karla got a puppy after Christmas – he’s a Maltese/Yorkie (“Morkie” in the puppy breeder world) and he’s adorable.  Even Caleb is a sucker for his cuteness, and Caleb hates small dogs.  Well, my mom was in the middle of finding a new place to live and she couldn’t have the puppy at her current place of residence, so we volunteered to take Joey for a few months.  I personally have never trained a dog – I don’t necessarily even like them a whole lot, and usually they scare me.   Caleb’s had quite a few pets, but has come to find out that he never had to do a whole lot with any one of them.  Coming from a family with 7 people, his individual responsibility when it came to pets wasn’t real heavy.  It’s a bit like having a child, especially living in an apartment.  He hates – HATES – being alone.  We attempted to kennel train him and that failed miserably.  We had to sit outiside the kennel for hours at night coaxing him to stop barking and go to sleep.  He would eventually fall asleep only to wake up an hour or two later and start the whole process over again.  For a little while it worked if I sang “Jesus Love Me” to him – he would fall right asleep (our little Christian dog).  After a couple weeks of sleepless nights (bring on the babies…in ten years) we gave up and he now sleeps on a cozy blanket above my head – through the night, might I add.  He hates being in his kennel during the day too.  He has now taken to peeing all over himself everytime we leave him in there.  We take him out before and after he goes in, and we never leave him in there longer than 3 hours, but he still pees.  Every. Single. Time.  Which means he gets around 2 or 3 baths per day.  Atleast he never smells like dog.  In an attempt to keep him from soaking himself 3 times a day, we tried confining him to the bathroom using a baby gate.  He scaled the gate.  We then put a collapsed card table behind the gate (a total of a good 3 feet) – he scaled this as well, though no pee in sight!  He’s a scrappy fella.  Other than the above difficulties, he’s a really good little Joey.  He hardly ever has accidents (outside his kennel), he’s been easy to train (outside his kennel), and he’s oober loving and cuddly.  And did I mention he’s cute?  Well, he goes back to Momma Karla’s in a couple of weeks.  We will miss you, little guy.  Emergency rooms and summers for another day.  My husband just came in Naked – with Naked, I mean – the juice, of course.