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Resources March 30, 2009

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Here are a bunch of resources about sustainable eating that I used in my presentation:
First, resources for buying local in your area:
Community Supported Agriculture – a program where individuals/families sign up in the spring, pay a flat fee, and receive boxes of fruits, veggies, etc. every week throughout late spring & summer (and into the fall in some cases) (Will help you find CSA in your area)

Orange City area CSA:
Cornucopia (eggs, chicken, pork, vegetables, fruits)
Direct from farmers – call or email and tell them what you would like – often times they will deliver it right to your door

These will help you find farmers in your area:

Orange City area:
Thankful Harvest (beef, poultry, lamb)

Food Co-Ops – “Buying clubs” where members pay a flat fee and are then eligible to buy whole, sustainable food through a catalog (or online) at wholesale prices.

To find food co-ops in your area:

Orange City area:

Sioux Center Food Club

Here are good resources for recipes: (not necessarily whole or unrefined, but homemade nonetheless and very good!) (Recipes for lots of wonderful whole, unrefined foods! I use this for a lot of my all-natural baking)


Super Natural Cooking – Heidi Swanson

Food To Live By -Myra Goodman

Nourishing Traditions – Sally A. Fallon

The Art of Simple Food -Alice Waters

Simply in Season -World Community

Extending the Table -World Community

More-with-Less -World Community


MMMM-yuM! Our Favorite Cookies! March 28, 2009

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Anzac Cookie Recipe

Adapted from 101cookbooks

1 cup whole wheat pastry flour (we get it at Hy-Vee & Fareway even had it once – unbleached all-purpose works too though)
1 cup rolled oats
1/2 cup sugar (we use natural can sugar for this too)
1/2 cup fine grain natural cane sugar OR brown sugar

(we also add about 1/2 t of nutmeg & 1/2 t of cinnamon too!)
1 cup finely shredded non-sweetened coconut
scant 1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt

1/2 cup butter, cut into little cubes
2 tablespoons golden syrup or honey
zest of one medium orange

1 tablespoon boiling water
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 tablespoon orange blossom water* (I just use orange juice)

Preheat oven to 325F degrees. Combine the dry ingredients in a large bowl; flour, oats, sugars, and coconut (and nutmeg & cinnamon if you choose). Mix well.

In a small saucepan over low heat combine the butter syrup (or honey), and orange zest. Stir until melted and remove from heat. In a small bowl whisk together the boiling water and baking soda. Stir it into the butter. Now pour the butter mixture over the big bowl of oats and stir. Add the orange blossom water (or orange juice) and stir again. This is a dough that is good to mix with your  hands to make sure the butter is evenly distributed and the dough is moist throughout. These cookies can be baked in a well-buttered, heart-shaped cast iron pan, but you can simply drop them by the tablespoonful onto parchment lined baking sheets. Make sure they aren’t too flat or they will get crispy. Bake for about 12 minutes or until deeply golden.


Creation Care

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On Wednesday, April 1 Northwestern is putting on its annual “Day of Learning” in which classes are cancelled and students, professors, community members, and a keynote speaker come together to focus on one topic.  This year the topic is “Creation Care.”  The goal is to present varying aspects of what it means to be stewards of the earth and to take care of our corner of the world.  Well, the corner of the world my husband and I occupy happens to have a thing for food, so I’m presenting a workshop entitled, “Eating Outside of the Box: Alternatives to Preservatives.”  (p.s. I was pretty proud of coming up with that title!  It’s a pun – do you get it?)  Caleb and I have been slowly changing our living habits to become more sustainable – we’re more concerned with health & sustaining what we’ve been given than “being green” (it sounds too fadish, and I can’t handle fads – it should be a lifestyle change not a way to market t-shirts).  The biggest change that we’ve made so far has been in the area of what we eat – I can’t take eating health food, but I can handle eating whole foods!  We’ve been learning a ton about locally produced fruits, veggies, meat, dairy – you name it.  I have never liked vegetables before – and I think that’s because a lot of grocery store veggies taste like cardboard – but when we get fresh, locally grown, whole veggies – YUM!!  Grass-fed beef and free-range chickens also taste way better.  Anyways, my goal is to update our blog with some of the research I’ve done and what I’ve learned as a way to continue the process. AND, since I cannot believe I have yet to post even ONE RECIPE , my goal is to post more recipes that use whole, unrefined, and fresh foods!  Especially since spring is coming…and I have this crazy desire to plant a huge garden, and I’ve not the slightest clue how to do it.  Oh, and we’ll be gone all summer.  If you have a garden, I covet your little green thumb.


A Journey March 24, 2009

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Off and on again since I was – oh a month old (well, it feels like it, I was probably more like 8 ) – I’ve dealt with varying degrees of anxiety.  I get so sick of saying I have “anxiety” because it ends up sounding routine, but it feels anything but routine.  I had a fantastic  conversation today that really gave me perspective on my fear.  The topic has been popping up a lot in our life lately, and I feel like it’s a good reminder of the tried and true Ecclesiastes passage “there’s a time for x and a time for y” (you can tell you’re a psych major when you start refering to Biblical passages using statistical symbols) addressing the ebb & flow of life.  We talked about “The dance of life”, how we must learn to create a rhthym balancing the blessing with the sorrows, how our questions don’t really get directly answered but are adressed through a processes of working out the answers, how everything is a process.  This is something I so often forget in our “have it your way…right now” world.  My computer takes longer than 10 seconds to open my e-mail and I complain about how slow it is (by the way, there’s a funny comedic piece our professor played for us in cultural anthropolgy that addresses this point called Everything is Amazing and Nobody’s Happy – minus the whole crappy generation part, I think it’s spot on).  I’m learning to slow down – to accept and even enjoy the process, the journey with all it’s twists, turns, downhill slopes, uphill climbs, and hidden surprises.  A mentor of mine asked me once if I’d rather drive through Nebraska – flat & dull but where I could see everything ahead of me, or mountainous Colorado where I may not know what was around the corner next, but the view I presently had was gorgeous.   You can catch the metaphor there.  Of course I would rather enjoy the road through the mountains.  I need to remember that God is good, steadfast, and faithful at every point in the journey regardless of my feelings, and that He uses the process to refine my character, my faith, and my love for Him and others.


Summer…plans? March 4, 2009

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I feel like there’s a lot going on right now – which is a far cry from how I felt even a month ago.  Maybe there’s less going on then I think, but the fact that I feel like the future is so unsettled makes it feel like there’s a lot going on.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not upset that the future feels unsettled, I’ve come to find that more often than not this is how God works.  I just am trying to figure out what to get excited about!  It happens often that I get so excited for something to happen that I think will happen, and then it doesn’t happen and I’m disappointed.  There have been so many ideas that have crossed my path in the last four years – study abroad opportunities, trips, internships, career paths, grad schools, culinary schools – that haven’t become reality, but every time I’ve been so sure “this is it – this is what I’m going to do next!”  Maybe I’m experiencing the consequences of being an idealist.  We have so many options and opportunities for the summer and for next year, and I’m trying to wait patiently to see which one of them God fleshes out, and I’m also trying not to get too excited about any one of them so as not to be disappointed.  

We do know where we’ll be for at least the first 6 weeks after Caleb graduates.  The day after graduation, we head up to Grand Marais, MN for Wilderness Leadership Training through a program called Coldwater.  We will learn first aid, general outdoor skills, program skills (bible study lessons, etc.), and the like in order to lead spiritually focused youth group (and adult) trips to the Boundary Waters & other beautiful places.  Though this is new for me, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m really excited to be pushed outside of my cozy little state of complacency.  There’s a possibility that we will be up there the second half of the summer as well interning as youth pastors in a church that’s interested in incorporating wilderness ministry into their program, but this has yet to be set in stone.  I’m just so excited for all of it, but I don’t often let myself think about it because I don’t  want to over plan or wish away where I’m at right now.  It’s such a hard balance to find – planning and thinking about the future and being content where you are in the present.