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Resources March 30, 2009

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Here are a bunch of resources about sustainable eating that I used in my presentation:
First, resources for buying local in your area:
Community Supported Agriculture – a program where individuals/families sign up in the spring, pay a flat fee, and receive boxes of fruits, veggies, etc. every week throughout late spring & summer (and into the fall in some cases) (Will help you find CSA in your area)

Orange City area CSA:
Cornucopia (eggs, chicken, pork, vegetables, fruits)
Direct from farmers – call or email and tell them what you would like – often times they will deliver it right to your door

These will help you find farmers in your area:

Orange City area:
Thankful Harvest (beef, poultry, lamb)

Food Co-Ops – “Buying clubs” where members pay a flat fee and are then eligible to buy whole, sustainable food through a catalog (or online) at wholesale prices.

To find food co-ops in your area:

Orange City area:

Sioux Center Food Club

Here are good resources for recipes: (not necessarily whole or unrefined, but homemade nonetheless and very good!) (Recipes for lots of wonderful whole, unrefined foods! I use this for a lot of my all-natural baking)


Super Natural Cooking – Heidi Swanson

Food To Live By -Myra Goodman

Nourishing Traditions – Sally A. Fallon

The Art of Simple Food -Alice Waters

Simply in Season -World Community

Extending the Table -World Community

More-with-Less -World Community


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  1. Gail G Says:

    Mrs. White, you are amazing! What a wonderful blog site! I remember when I was newly married and really got into eating healthy, canning, “putting up” and gardening. Not so much now, but we still go for healthier choices, rare fast food, and are vegetarians (with seafood & dairy thrown in.) One resource I’m looking forward to getting some fresh inspiration (after 30 years!) is taking a one-day cooking class with a friend at the local community college (cooking with grains & beans) and another one at a high-end grocery store (risotto and paella).

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