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Whoa Baby! September 29, 2009

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Caleb’s grandfather loves to tell this story about an airplane ride they took when Caleb was little – he was maybe two or three.  Apparently, there was an air pocket and some turbulence and the plane dropped a ways in the air, causing cute little two-year old Caleb to exclaim, WHOA BABY!!  Apparently, Denny, Caleb’s dad, used to say that all the time, and Caleb picked up on it when the plane unexpectedly dropped a few feet.  Well, 22 year old Caleb had another “Whoa Baby” moment about a month ago when we found out that we are expecting our own whoa baby!  Adding to the long list of why nots? this summer, God decided to give us another one in the form of a little person due on my birthday – April 11.  13 weeks and counting…

Needless to say, we were shocked, as we thought everything was “under control” (ha! control!) and were not planning on having kids for a few years.  Honestly, I thought that if this moment ever came where we were quite unexpectedly pregnant, that I would freak out.  However, when something is so obviously in God’s control (and not ours), so obviously intentional on His part, as it wasn’t on ours, it’s hard not to be full of peace and excitement.  I mean, it’s going to be hard, and scary, and we won’t be “ready” (when would we have been, really?), but this baby is a joy and has already brought us so much peace.  Therefore, we have deemed it the peace baby.  Maybe we’ll name him (or her, I guess, but I’m convinced it’s a boy) something that means “peace”.

With celiac’s disease, pregnancy can be fragile, as they worry about the baby not having enough nutrients to develop properly, as well as my body not having the amount of hormones it needs to sustain the baby.  Actually, we were told that I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant without hormonal supplements because my levels were so low – Lesson #1 Doctors are not always right.  Your prayers are much appreciated for the healthy development of the baby, and for relieved anxiety – I’m kind of neurotic.

P.S. Another Grandpa Mike story – in August when we were home, I was wearing a baby-doll top that looks like a maternity shirt (i.e. has no structure or waistline), and Grandpa Mike looks at me and says, Are you with child?  I laughed, as I was most certainly NOT (had we found out then, when life was so crazy, I might have freaked out!), and said no Grandpa Mike, I am not.  Well, turns out I was.  Grandpa Mike is a prophet.


3 Responses to “Whoa Baby!”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    Kari! congrats! I was so excited when Kristin told me last week! The best thing in the whole world is being a mama, and you willl be wonderful at it! As for the celiac…no worries. Acually I know of lots of people that have had lotrs of different diseases, hormonal or not and pregnancy has helped regulate it more than anything.Also Thad actually went to a seminar this past weekend and asked a doctor about you and he said that celiac should have nothing to do with hurting your baby. Just eat right, and since your prgnant you have to anyways. :)…and I wont tell you what I think of medical doctors. 🙂 congrats again! and we better see some pictures soon. luv ya girl! good job Caleb!!

  2. Kristin Says:

    woooohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been awaiting this post!! already know how overly excited I am…but I’ll tell you again- I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!! And…now its time for you to post some beautiful pictures of that tummy of yours 🙂 Lets see that baby bump! Love you both and miss you!

  3. Grandma Jan Says:

    Kari – Grandpa Mike is going to love reading your announcement about baby White and the stories you included about him. Congratulations you two, soon to be three!!!
    Love and hugs!

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