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I Blinked, and Two Months WERE GONE January 11, 2010

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Seriously.  I CANNOT believe it’s been two WHOLE months since I have written ANYTHING on this blog.  I apologize.  And then again, don’t feel so bad – as I wrote more pages in November and December for a mere two classes than I have written in my entire life.  I’m not kidding – the n, s, c, e, m, and space bar keys on this computer are FADED from overuse (look at your Scrabble board – these would be the most commonly used letters and thus those worth the least amount of points).  My last two classes for my psychology major are officially DONE.  Including my senior thesis – Thank You Jesus, from the bottom of my heart.  I honestly thought I wouldn’t finish – and that if I did, I would end up with – GASP – a “C”.  I didn’t – I did  quite well, and it’s done.  Four gen eds to go and then a degree.  So. Close.  I just have to give birth some time in there : )

Technically, it’s Caleb’s turn to blog, so I’ll let him catch you up on how ministry is going.  Let me just say, quite well. We’ve had a very busy November and December (and January, even though I’m still not convinced it’s actually January), including some experiences that they can’t really teach you in a classroom how to deal with.  These moments, however, are why we do what we do – learning to love people and love well as we all walk through difficult moments in life that shape who we are and how closely we walk with Jesus.

On the baby front, we’ve got a little less than 12 weeks to go!  Third trimester came SO QUICKLY.  My energy level is back down again after a needed boost right around the time life got so crazy busy.  I’m getting rather large, though I don’t mind it really.  I’ve absolutely loved being pregnant, including the changes that my body has gone through.  It’s been such a beautiful experience that has helped me connect with the idea of being a mother.  Which, by the way scares me to death.  I had one of those moments  a few weeks ago where I fully encountered Jesus in the words of another person.  We were at church in Des Moines over Christmas and were seated at round tables listening to the sermon.  The speaker encouraged us to talk with our tables about a few different questions, and, at the end of the sermon, a man sitting at our table looked at me with tears in his eyes (I’d never met the guy) and said “I just have this feeling that you’re going to be a wonderful mother.”  It was one of those moments where Jesus just pierced right through to my heart -it was such a tender, unconditionally loving statement that I knew He was using this man to speak love into an are of my life that I’ve been so unsure of.  Moral of the story, don’t be afraid to let Jesus use you in the life of anyone – even people you don’t know.

Ministry update from Caleb coming this week, as well as some pictures!!

Sunrise over Lake Superior ("The Pond" as Caleb calls it) yesterday morning - so beautiful.

29 weeks!

We hosted our first Thanksgiving in Grand Marais this year! It was all gluten free and pretty delicious if we do say so : )


3 Responses to “I Blinked, and Two Months WERE GONE”

  1. Robin Says:

    Kari and Caleb ~ this is so great. i just found yr weblog. thanks for sharing all these stories and all this LIFE! wow. way to go, you-almost-3!

  2. Momma Karla Says:

    Oh, my baby girl! I blinked and 23 years were gone. Time flies by so quickly. Enjoy every moment you have when you are having it. I am so proud of you and Caleb and everything you are doing in Grand Marais! Love all 3 of you!

  3. Ellen Says:

    Hi Kari (and Caleb)!
    Kari, I have to say that you don’t look like you are about to burst quite yet. I suppose that’s good! I’m enjoying catching up on your lives. Congratulations on finishing your thesis! Woo!

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