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An Update… January 22, 2010

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Here is a little ministry update (as I’m told I was doing from the last post), it has taken six months to kind of figure out where students are at spiritually.  I believe it is always an ongoing process, figuring out group dynamics, building relationships, having some kids there one week and not the next.  But we’ve decided that our focus is on seeing our desperation – our essential need for Jesus.  Early in this semester, we are working on s-l-o-w-i-n-g  d-o-w-n, being intentional about recognizing that we are empty without Jesus.  It doesn’t matter how many activities we do, how many Facebook friends we have, if we don’t have Jesus then we will not, we cannot be fulfilled.  Any thoughts?

We are doing a couple of things that, thus far have gone very well.  On Tuesday mornings (before school), I am leading a Bible study with the high school guys – we are transitioning from Acts to James.  This will help the guys see that the Bible is written in different literary styles and how that will effect how they read it.  Because school isn’t requiring as much of my wife this semester, she has begun getting together with some of the high school girls – they are calling it “fellowship time”.  Another thing we are doing is taking advantage of juniors and seniors option to have open lunch.  So, every Friday we are preparing lunch for them.  We’ve had anywhere from one to ten students show up.  We hope that these continue to go well, so our relationships with the students continue forming/growing.

Prayer Requests:  that Jesus will be the continue being the central focus of this ministry – that He will draw people to Him.  Currently we have five leaders (Kari and I, and Aaron and Terri (dear, dear people), and Kirsten but we are finding that we may be in need of a couple/few more adult volunteers – please pray that we would be led to ask people who God would have be a part of the ministry.  Baby White – continued healthy growth (we felt a foot last night!!!!!!).  Lastly, financial support – to be raised somehow, so neither of us has to pick up a part-time thing that would take away from time devoted to the ministry.

Thank you!  Love you all!

Be Christ’s.


3 Responses to “An Update…”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Thanks for the update brother:) So excited about what God is doing there. LOVE the open lunch idea- that will be fruitful for sure! I’m praying these requests over your little family. Love you both! and miss you 🙂

  2. simon Says:

    great to hear about the Lord’s work in your lives! praying for the three of you, especially in the open lunch times and fellowship and bible study before school. no better way to get to know them by being involved in their lives all the time.
    love you both! keep walking by the Spirit!

  3. SJS Says:

    It used to be that I thought the more broken I was, the less “Christian” I could be. The perspective has shifted so that (in Justin McRoberts’ words–if you don’t have any of his stuff, GET some, I’m begging you!) the greater my awareness of my brokenness, the larger the hollow is in me that his grace fills.

    I remember telling Kari at one point to go X days without praying. Breaking the “should” cycle to more fully understand grace. Within reason, checking out of the busyness and perceived need to “do” all the time makes me more fully aware of God’s inability to love me more than he does and his refusal to love me less than he does–even if I never do another thing in service to him the rest of my life.

    It’s comforting to me now, but the thought might have been terrifying to me in h.s. (loss of known structure for undefined unknowns) You guys aren’t the only ones who like control, remember? : ) Love you… recite a Kipling or Frost poem to Baby White for us–and please, please, PLEASE find a way to get back here sometime before April! I don’t want to pay shipping rates on a breast pump and exersaucer unless absolutely necessary! ; )

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