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Just a thought… February 13, 2010

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So, I (Caleb) had some music playing from an online radio station, and a song came on; I don’t remember/know who it was by, but one of the lines in it was “… come as you are….”  And I thought – considering our position in ministry, who we work with, their church background, etc. – this is a fairly common phrase among contemporary Christians, not just in music, but in pastors’ sermons, Bible studies, and small groups.  It is true that we are free that we are more than welcome to ‘come as we are’; to bring all of the crap that is going on in our lives into the presence of God.  However, I think there is a tendency to forget that we are supposed to leave it.  We are supposed to leave our junk at the feet of our Savior!  And when we have done that, when we have turned from our sinfulness, we are to go out changed, transformed. While staying in the presence of God, we go back to the world (In it , but not of it…); but we don’t go back the same person.

So, God is big enough to handle our junk – nothing is too big for Him.  Yes, we can, we should ‘come as we are’.  But, we cannot leave being the same person, we must be changed; we must put on the ‘new self’.


Be Christ’s.


One Response to “Just a thought…”

  1. The Jake White Says:

    My best guess would eb Nirvana’s hit, Come a You Are…unless you were listening to Christian radio, which Nirvana would not be on for obvious reasons, that is my best guess on the song

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