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Hiatus April 16, 2010

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I feel like I’ve been on a 2 month hiatus from life.  Also, I really like the word hiatus and enjoy a good reason to use it.  It’s been about two months since I went into pre-term labor(5 weeks early), stayed overnight at the Grand Marais hospital, went home, went back, got sent to Duluth, Caleb flew to Duluth from Chicago, got sent home again, got called into the doctor in Grand Marais to check my blood pressure, got sent to Duluth again because my blood pressure was high, and got sent back home again on bed rest. We spent a good 4 weeks on the couch – that is, me and yet-to-be-born Corban James – and Caleb spent 4 weeks cooking, cleaning, soaking up my impatient & hormonal tears, all the while working and being a wonderful youth pastor.  He really really deserves a hug from you.  Then, one lovely morning  after taking bets at youth group on when the baby would actually arrive (and a heartfelt prayer from Trevor that baby would come soon!  Thanks Trevor!!), I woke up at 1 am with contractions – which, by the way, had happened almost every night the previous 4 weeks.  These were slightly stronger, but I was annoyed.  Do I wake Caleb up?  Call the doctor?  So, I prayed, “Jesus, please either make this obvious or make these GO AWAY!”  My water broke 15 minutes later, I woke Caleb up (it was pretty classic), he grabbed the bags and we headed to the hospital.  Our wonderful, wonderful doctor rode with us down to the hospital in Duluth (2 hours…) in an ambulance, and 14 hours later Corban was born!  March 25, 2010, which was the day Caleb had picked in JANUARY for Corban’s arrival.  It was quite smooth – I couldn’t have asked for a better labor/delivery (well, as good as insane, mind gripping pain can get, anyway…).  And thus, the second half of my hiatus from life began.  Caleb’s parents were here for the weekend after he was born, and my mom stayed for the week – they were a HUGE help and it was so fun to watch them love on our little guy!! Thank you most wonderful (grand)parents in the world!  Poor Caleb has been struggling to maintain some sort of contact with the normal world, and ministry has continued through the craziness.  We have been ministered to by a wonderful community  here in Grand Marais and from back home!! Thank you for all of the meals, gifts, prayers, cards, stop-bys, (I’m pretty sure I made that word up), calls and love!  This is one step in my attempt to re-connect with life.

Becoming a mother has been both the most wonderful, beautiful thing I’ve ever done and the hardest.  It does feel like he’s been here forever, like we’ve always known him.  We love being a team that has been blessed with the privilege of knowing, loving, and raising this precious little one!!

Poor little C is allergic to dairy (which is transmitted through breast milk) and has “digestive distress” as we like to call it in this White household.  Thus, after the first two weeks of the most calm, content baby I’ve ever met who slept 5 whole hours at night and hardly ever cried, we have a little guy in some pain.  I’ve cut dairy out of my diet (that means no gluten AND no dairy, and yes, I have had a grand pity party for myself, complete with streamers and balloons but of course, no cake) and hopefully his little tummy can heal (and we can get some sleep…)!

On the ministry front, we have one week left in our series on basic Christian beliefs.  We spent two weeks each on truth, God, creation, fall, and redemption.  It’s gone really, really well!  Usually we teach in a very conversational/question & answer manner, and we’ve had great discussions about reality and absolute truth, as well as free will, the Trinity, science, etc.  They raised lots of good questions and had some awesome insight!  We’re also gearing up for a big community wide chili cook-off on April 24!  This is the first (hopefully of many!) community event we’ve done.  We’re teaming up with the Lutheran church in town to raise money for the community & for a joint service project to Minneapolis in August.  They’ve (as in Caleb & Jamie, I’ve been otherwise preoccupied…) got about 15 teams from around the community to enter a chili, and the winning chili gets featured at a restaurant in town!  We’re really excited about this, as community involvement and development is one of our long term goals with Coldwater!  OH!  And Caleb is doing the sermon at church on Sunday, so say some prayers for him!!

Okay, I’m going to go take a nap before the little guy wakes up!!  Here are a few pictures of Corban – he’s just beautiful!

We just got home from the hospital!

2 weeks old

3 weeks old


2 Responses to “Hiatus”

  1. mom Says:

    I love to read your blogs. I love to look at pictures of the cutest little grandboy!

  2. Momma Karla Says:

    he is getting so big already! tell him to slow down til we can see him again! ha. i love reading your blog too. so much fun to hear your thoughts and how things are going. even though we talk a lot, it’s still fun to read your writings. keep up the wonderful work you both are doing in grand marais! love you all!!!

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