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Mission trip… August 12, 2010

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Mission Trip rundown…

On the middle school trip, we had 7 students go.  We left Friday afternoon and made our way to Chaska (southwest corner of Minneapolis) to stay at Valley Free Church – where a friend of mine is the youth pastor there.  On Saturday we woke up and went into downtown Minneapolis to serve lunch at the House of Charity.  This was the first experience for the whole group to serve others in this way.  It was really neat to see how a group of 7th and 8th graders took on the challenge of doing something they’ve never done before!  Not only was it their first experience serving, it was their first experience with anyone experiencing homelessness.  To hear some of the questions surrounding that, was an awesome reminder that middle school students ask some of the best questions.

The students were then posed the challenge of grocery shopping as a team.  The two teams were given a budget, a menu, and a time limit of 20 minutes.  Both came back in 15 minutes with about $10 to spare.  The meals were a little shaky, but that’s alright.  Challenge complete.  We then made our way to Feed My Starving Children to bag food.  The way this place operates is you come in, there are stations set up with buckets of dehydrated food.  In your station you load up the different components of the meals (6 meals per bag; 36 bags per box; lots of boxes per pallet :).  In the two hours we were there, our group bagged over 5000 meals! 7 students + 3 leaders = 5000+ meals made –> to be delivered to Haiti.  Pretty Cool.

On Sunday, we spent time together and had a fun day at Valley Fair.

This was my first time getting to spend a significant amount of time with the middle schoolers in our group, and I had a blast.  We can learn a lot through/from that age group.  The questions they ask, the things they say are incredibly unguarded, and they are very good at saying what’s on their minds.

(Photos to come later.)


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