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Just because he’s so darn cute! December 21, 2010

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Corban is just about 9 months old – he will officially be 9 months on Christmas day!!  We’re just so in love with this little man.  He’s going to grow up with a complex because we tell him so often how cute he is.  At 9 months, he’s currently crawling everywhere, perusing along all of our furniture, climbing over and up things, eating everything in sight (including anything that has fallen on my kitchen floor or from his high chair which majorly geeks me out), giving big sloppy kisses, saying “mam mam” “num num” and “dadadada”, flirting with all of the youth group girls, and waving “hiyiyiyiyi”.    He’s got this killer smile too.  Be still my heart.




One Response to “Just because he’s so darn cute!”

  1. I miss him!!!!!! I need to see all of you soon 🙂 Soo stinking cute.

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