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“DOH!” April 3, 2011

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2 months?!! Seriously?!  I don’t even believe it.  Not really sure where that time went.  Probably toddled away with little footsteps, I imagine.  In the last two months…

-Caleb & I went to the Simply Youth Ministry Conference in Chicago and then had a date night in the city…lots learned, but more importantly my perception of who Jesus is was deepened

– We said goodbye to my best friend from high school and her beautiful family as they prepare to follow God to Australia

-Corban stayed with Grandmas and Grandpa for FOUR days and did better than mommy – who did alright after the first day, in which she tearfully observed every young child that was at the conference and proceeded to ask said child’s mildly confused mother or father a million questions including, but not limited to, “Can I hold your baby?!”

-We spent $14 on 4 DELICIOUS, GLUTEN FREE cupcakes in Lincoln Park, and they were so good I didn’t even feel guilty (for eating two cupcakes in one sitting OR for spending nearly $4 on one cupcake)

-We became big fans of Gungor (conference)

-My study of the Bible has changed form after watching youth workers hold up signs (conference, yet again), one after another, indicating the importance & presence of the Gospel of Jesus in each and every book of the Bible.  So beautiful.

-We got to watch God bring a community together at the 2nd annual Chili Cook-off!  It was a huge success, and I was crazy proud of my husband!!!

These are all of the people who entered chilis in the cook off!

-The youth groups of Grand Marais are officially hosting a Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack event in May – $19,000 raised to feed 100,000 people  AND bring a community together to do so!

-Corban turned ONE and we had all kinds of celebration going on here in snow-trenched Grand Marais (6-9 inches in the forecast tomorrow, friends).  Grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, great aunt & uncle, cousins – this is one well loved child.

-Corban was dedicated.  His name, after all, means dedicated to God in Hebrew (Mark 7:11).

-Corban’s vocabulary has expanded to include all of the important things in life – Mom-ME, Da, Ba (ball), Ba (bottle), and his newest word is “Doh” (dog – which he is actually terrified of, but Aunt Jenna got him a stuffed wolf for his birthday that he LOVES – it’s also fun to say “WOOF WOOF!” really loud, because he invariably responds by yelling “DOH!”)

-Hubs is going through the Sermon on the Mount on Wed nights, and we had an awesome discussion Wednesday night about the Beatitudes (“Joys of heaven”)

Probably more…


3 Responses to ““DOH!””

  1. this made me cry. love you guys so much!!!! can’t wait to hear how the party went! 🙂

  2. Mom Says:

    Love it!!! So proud of you all!

  3. Pastor Dave Says:

    You guys are the best. I am really thankful to God for bringing you all to us! Good work on all the fund raisers for FMSC.

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