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Saturday May 20, 2011

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Saturday is a big day up in this little town (1,300 people in town and only 5,000 in the whole county)!  A Feed My Starving Children semi is rolling into town on Friday and 500 (that’s almost half the entire town, folks!) volunteers are meeting at our community center on Saturday to pack meals! Through a community wide effort sparked by the youth group, $21,000 has been raised in this tiny town to pay for 107,000 meals that will be bagged by the community here and then sent around the world (including to earthquake victims in Japan).  If you’re the praying kind, would you pray with me?

Jesus, we thank you for this partnership between several denominations and community members of all different walks and worldviews.  We thank you for the youth in this town and for their heart, for their energy, and their ability to dream big.  It has been a  joy to watch you do things that seem impractical and out of reach, to watch you use our messiness, moments of miscommunication, and anxiety to bring about something beautiful.  Please bring unity on Saturday to this diverse group with diverse opinions and worldviews, please bring people together, build bridges, heal past hurts, and bring JOY to everyone looking to serve outside themselves.  We pray that it would run smoothly, that high school students would be changed by their participation in this year long process, and above all that you would be glorified.  Amen.

If you think of us on Saturday, say a prayer would you, please?  Thank you 🙂


My husband, ladies & gentleman May 18, 2011

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I’m convinced that nobody in the world could handle this mess (as in me, thank you very much) as well as this man.  If you don’t know my husband very well, (and you should if you don’t cause you’re missing out!) let me tell you that he is patient in ways that I don’t understand but hope to someday, he loves crazy well (as in he doesn’t keep score, he gives even when he’s not getting a whole lot, and he’s always trying to figure out new ways to love better), he doesn’t shy away from things he’s afraid of (you should have heard him preach last month- I mean two years ago he would have thought you were crazy if you told him he’d be doing that – that was a N.E.V.E.R in his book until God “shoved me through that door”), he’s always willing to learn & try new things often because it’s something I love to do, and his son adores him.  No one can make Corban laugh like Caleb.  Sometimes he just looks at the kid and Corban erupts with laughter.

He knows he’s not perfect.  He survives on grace.  He doesn’t try to fix me or pretend he’s the solution to my deepest fears, needs, and questions.  He just walks beside me, holds my hand, and gently nudges me towards the One who knows me best.  I’m blessed.