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14.5 Months (in celebration of the fact that I am ok with being no good at the monthly baby update thing) June 13, 2011

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Baby bubs is not so much a baby any more!  He was walking around today in his little shorts, t-shirt, and big boy shoes, and I was hit by how much of  a little person he is (due to a nasty diaper rash, he was also walking around the deck the other day in his  t-shirt, big boy shoes, and naked little butt…he peed in the flower pot and then tried to eat the “mud” he created…boy to the core!).  His personality is showing up more and more, and he has a ton of it!  Little man is always busy, very social, independent, he loves discovering and learning (he’ll sit for ten minutes just trying to figure out the mechanics of a cup & spoon), and he’s just plain sweet (he gives the best kisses, which of late have been wide open mouth kisses right on the lips).   He’s also stubborn & very strong willed – he’s definitely not afraid to let anyone know when he’s not happy.  Here are a few of his favorite things:

-Dogs.  He can hear them barking from miles away and just gets giddy

-His stuffed wolf, Doug (that he thinks is a dog, named by his daddy, gifted by Aunt Jenna)

-Giving Doug hugs, cuddling Doug, rubbing his face in Doug’s fur, chucking Doug on the ground, using Doug as a pillow, sharing Doug with random passers-by

-Feeding himself with a spoon, feeding other people with a spoon, feeding Doug with a spoon

-Climbing things, walking off things, jumping on things, running away from things

-Copying Mommy’s fishy faces


-Sand, throwing rocks in the big lake, throwing toys off the deck , throwing Doug off the deck

-Talking on the “phone” (or the calculator, hairbrush, wooden spoon, Doug…)

-Saying “Hi!” (or “dog”, “mommy”, “no”, “daddy”, “truck”, “ball”, “eye”)

-Bending over on all fours and looking out between his legs

-Bananas, mangoes, blueberries, avocados, oatmeal

-Sitting on Corban size chairs – he’s been practicing the “no look” sit

-Putting things around his neck (necklaces, towels, long pieces of yarn, Doug) & wearing sunglasses

-Walking around with his eyes covered with something (which translates to walking into things…where is this child’s mother?)

-“Pound it”, showing off his belly button, eating pine cones, and helping me in the garden 🙂

-Showing off.  The only time he will ever do any sign language (he knows more, all done, and please and chooses NOT to use them) is when there are other people around

Bored yet?  I could go on……I’ll show you some pictures instead 🙂


“Feeding God’s Starving Children Hungry in Body and Spirit” June 11, 2011

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THE TRAILER we talked about for SO long sitting at OUR community center!

We left almost immediately after the big FMSC day for a graduation (Cody White!)/wedding (Jared & Breann WHITE!) in Iowa, so we didn’t get a chance to tell you how it went!! It was a huge success!!  It was a little messy in the sense that we had so many people coming together (a total of 503 volunteers came through the door!!) from different points of view and backgrounds, which always makes for things to work through and deal with, but everyone who participated was blessed, excited, and so proud of the youth in this town!  In all, 108,000 meals were packed which will feed nearly 300 children for an entire year, as well as 8,000 people still recovering from the earthquake in Japan.  We aren’t sure where the food is going yet, but we’ll let you know when we know!  On Sunday we celebrated with the youth group at a resort on Lake Superior, and as we were discussing what God had just done (and is still doing!), the students really focused on all of the skepticism leading up to the event, how nobody really thought it could happen in such a small town, and how God uses unexpected circumstances (and even tentative hearts) for His Beautiful Purpose.  John 15 was the focus of the whole project, particularly where Jesus says “apart from me you can do nothing”.  All of us experienced this in the past year, and  this will be a lifelong lesson for every one of us involved.

Students sporting their hairnets at the end of the day!

One of four shifts of volunteers getting trained to pack meals!

High school students cheering because they finished another box (they "won" most number of boxes packed every shift!)

Aaron, Deb, & Terri (three of our amazing youth group volunteer leaders!) setting up for the big day!

"The most fun you'll ever have in a hairnet"

And of course, the CUTEST hairnet in the place 😉