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“Feeding God’s Starving Children Hungry in Body and Spirit” June 11, 2011

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THE TRAILER we talked about for SO long sitting at OUR community center!

We left almost immediately after the big FMSC day for a graduation (Cody White!)/wedding (Jared & Breann WHITE!) in Iowa, so we didn’t get a chance to tell you how it went!! It was a huge success!!  It was a little messy in the sense that we had so many people coming together (a total of 503 volunteers came through the door!!) from different points of view and backgrounds, which always makes for things to work through and deal with, but everyone who participated was blessed, excited, and so proud of the youth in this town!  In all, 108,000 meals were packed which will feed nearly 300 children for an entire year, as well as 8,000 people still recovering from the earthquake in Japan.  We aren’t sure where the food is going yet, but we’ll let you know when we know!  On Sunday we celebrated with the youth group at a resort on Lake Superior, and as we were discussing what God had just done (and is still doing!), the students really focused on all of the skepticism leading up to the event, how nobody really thought it could happen in such a small town, and how God uses unexpected circumstances (and even tentative hearts) for His Beautiful Purpose.  John 15 was the focus of the whole project, particularly where Jesus says “apart from me you can do nothing”.  All of us experienced this in the past year, and  this will be a lifelong lesson for every one of us involved.

Students sporting their hairnets at the end of the day!

One of four shifts of volunteers getting trained to pack meals!

High school students cheering because they finished another box (they "won" most number of boxes packed every shift!)

Aaron, Deb, & Terri (three of our amazing youth group volunteer leaders!) setting up for the big day!

"The most fun you'll ever have in a hairnet"

And of course, the CUTEST hairnet in the place 😉


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