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Intentional February 6, 2012

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I think it’s a better idea to make “New Year’s Resolutions” awhile after the new year has begun.  Maybe that defeats the whole purpose, but I guess to me it makes more sense because the  excitement of the newness has worn off, reality has set in, and making changes in my attitude, day, habits, etc. is more realistic.  It also helps because I never do well when I try and make sudden changes that come with high expectations.  This year, I thought it a great idea to focus on a word rather than a long list of resolutions.  One word that can play itself out in a variety of ways in all areas of my life.  My word for 2012 is intentional.  I’m really good at being intentional about things like taking naps and baking cookies but less so about things like friendships, organization, Bible reading, encouragement, dating my husband, spending time with Corban, etc., etc.  SO, my goal this year is to learn to be intentional.  I don’t have any set ways of doing this or hard core outlines.  It’s more of a constant prayer, a constant asking to be shown ways that I can, little by little, add intentionality to my life.

ImageIn other news, this kid is pot-ty trained.  Hallelujah. Potty training techniques included a lot of running around naked (him, that is…), reading Daddy’s “bootball zeens” on the toilet (Sports Illustrated), and the classic tool of bribery.  You know, civilized things :).


2 Responses to “Intentional”

  1. simon Says:

    at first i thought Corban was wearing an actual winter beanie…i was wrong. 🙂

  2. kristin Says:

    Love it!!! And I didn’t even notice the undies until simons comment….hilarious!!!!!

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