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Hotchiptotter February 17, 2012

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Sometimes I just can't handle the cuteness.

Hotchiptotter, translation from Corban speak, helicopter.

I keep meaning to write down all of the hilariously cute (to us, anyway) things Corban says.  He’s in the stage where words are coming alive to him and he says new things everyday that I had no idea he even understood!  Here are a few of our recent favorites…

“I WUV you” with an emphasis on the wuv 😉

On the potty he is always very honest…”Big poopin comin!!”

“So sleepy today” (guess who he picked that one up from…)

“I wanna read God book”

“I like dis” (which he says when he wants something…somehow he got it in his head that liking something qualifies him for ownership…he’s quickly learning that’s not quite the case)

Eating blackberries and helping mommy "mix it" (bake).

“Baby hiding Mommy’s tummy…I wuv you baby!”

“Daddy, sup sups!” (He goes to basketball practice with Caleb once a week and the guys have to do push ups when they air ball.  When Caleb misses his shots playing on our little hoop downstairs, Corban reminds him to do his push ups!)

“Say sorry to mommy.”

“I biffed it!” (whenever he falls, which is a lot)

“Pray ceasing”  (Pray without ceasing, minus the without, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, it’s adorable)

“Taleb!  Wife!”  (he calls Caleb by his first name and me “wife”, both of which we correct, but it’s still hilarious)

“Fixin the road.” (from the movie Cars, he likes to push around a little chair and pretend he’s fixing the road)

“Makin coffee daddy.”  (anytime he pours water from one container to another he calls it making coffee)

Throwing rocks is always a favorite, even when the harbor is mostly frozen.

“Mmmm.  Really tasty.”

“Want couple more, please.”

“I like hugs, too.” (after we give him good night kisses)

Some of his current favorite things are playing “chase”, going on “trips” from his room to the living room, the abc song, reading his Bible, football as always, playin “bassetball” with daddy, the movie Cars, Sparrow (the 10 month old we watch a couple of times a week, she’s a doll, and I’m pretty sure the reason Corban wants a sister), play-doh, drawing/coloring, helping mommy “mix it” (bake), his growing collection of individually named stuffed “buddies” (Doug, Ronnie, Marvin, Roger, and Bear), going to the Co-op, taking off/trying to put on his clothes (particularly his “unders”), and yelling…loudly.

Valentine's Day breakfast for dinner!


2 Responses to “Hotchiptotter”

  1. awww this made me laugh lots! Love that little man! I love that he calls you wife 🙂 and that he tells Caleb to do push-ups. He will make a great coach someday 🙂

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