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Baby Things We Actually Use January 10, 2013

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There is a lot of baby crap stuff out there. My New Years resolution is to stop saying crap because Corban said it the other day. And it’s just not lady like. I’ve had two babies, so I’m not an expert, but there’s something about baby number two that screams “Let’s be realistic here!” I also dont like excess fussy crap stuff laying around. Here are some things we actually use in the non- mobile, solely breastfeeding stage.

Corban wasn’t a paci baby, but Brielle will only take these. She loves them. Plus you get a free one.

  • Cotton Gauze Blankets

I made one for Brielle from this tutorial and loved it, especially in the summer. Great for swaddling, carseats, tummy time, soaking up spit up…that sort of thing. They’re great shower gifts.

  • Swaddler Wraps

We have used these with both of our babies once they started wrestling out of cotton gauze blankets. They velcro. I’m a firm believer in swaddling, even if they fight it a bit, because it kept my babies from startling themselves awake and lets them know, hey, it’s time to sleep now.

Just handy to put baby in when you need to get stuff (ha! I did it!) done, especially because it’s portable and you don’t feel like you’re abandoning your child in another room while you make dinner. A portable swing would also be in this category.

I learned a lot about helpful herbs from lovely friends in Grand Marais. This site has some great jumping points. I make the green salve for everything from diaper rash to bug bites to eczema to burns to cuts. It really works great on baby bums. The immune booster (tea or tincture) is awesome to ward off colds and ear infections when given every couple hours from the first signs, and the snooze tincture (made with glycerin for babies) helps with gassy tummies.

  • Nursing Cover (also known by a variety of tongue-in-cheek names such as The Titty Tent and The Hooter Hider)

I’m no good with the whole blanket thing, it just falls off and then people get flashed. I need a cover attached to my neck. They are also super easy to make and give as baby shower gifts.

My kids are spitters. Both of them have had mild reflux. One time I was out to eat with friends and noticed dried spit up on my shoe. People will say, “Uh oh she spit up!” all worried like and I look and she’s just dribbled a little. That’s not spit up, people, I just wipe that off with her shirt. But for the overflowing stuff, I love Ikea burp cloths. They’re huge and absorbent and don’t need to be washed every time they spit up.

The only baby soap I use. This just smells like baby without all the yucky stuff in it (no
parabens, phthalates, etc.). Their lotions are great, too. Sometimes I use it for bubble baths.

  • Fans

We have a portable one that’s loud…and two more in our bedrooms :). Youth ministry = often noisy house. Fans drown out the noise of visitors and older brothers. Our upstairs sounds like its taking off if you go up there at night.

  • Breast Pump (and all of the things that come along with pumping, like freezer bags for milk, bottles, etc.)

I have been very blessed to be given a fabulous Medela Freestyle pump this time around that’s portable, doesn’t need to be plugged in, and works great. Seriously, this thing is my best friend (I could have made a pun there, but I spared you). Thankfully, both babies have taken a bottle really well (3 weeks was the magic age for both of them). Brielle probably gets a bottle three times a week when I’m at Bible study, leading small group, or dating my husband sans baby. Bottle-wise, we like Dr. Browns.

Right now we only use it for overnight trips, but when Brielle moves into Corban’s room (only two bedrooms in our new place) we will have it set up in our room for naps and quiet time. Corban hated playing screaming in this thing, but at least he’d sleep in it. Here’s to hoping number two is easier to tame…


It might seem like a duh, but we didn’t have an infant car seat (an infant seat has a base that is latched in the car and a mobile seat that you strap baby into that clicks into the base) right away with Corban, and they’re so nice to have, especially for taking sleeping littles on the go. They can just stay all warm and cuddly without all the in and out of a convertible car seat. I love the Bundle Me cover for winter babes. It eliminates the hassle of wrestling a Christmas Story-esque baby into a car seat.

  • Links and Tag Blankies

Great tummy time toys for this stage. Links are awesome because they can be used as toys themselves (they are perfect for chubby little hands to hold) or for keeping rattles and things attached to a car seat, bouncy chair, etc. A good friend made us tag blankies for both kids and they love chewing on them and exploring the different textures.

That’s probably our list of essentials, as in “we use multiple times a day, we would really notice if we didn’t have it” sorts of things. We had an infant tub with Corban and have a giant inflatable duck for Brielle to bathe in, and those are convenient. I like my Moby Wrap a lot and would love an Ergo. We use our Boppy a lot for various things, and both of our babies have loved play gyms. We did cloth diapers with Corban and may with Brielle at some point. Kawaii and BumGenius pocket diapers (snaps all the way) were our favs. As we transition into having a mover that eats solid food (she’s rolling and watching every bite we eat, so she’s almost there. This momma is not ready for that yet!), I’ll do another post!


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