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My Corban February 18, 2013

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We’ve had the same bedtime routine with Corban since he was 3 months old. About a year ago, Corban began getting bored (the bored thing he gets from me) with the same carefully chosen songs we had sung to him every night for two years. We had to start getting creative, as he has a definite opinion on which songs are “in” and which are “out”.

It’s actually quite frustrating, the will of this small little person. His choices so often make no sense to me at. all. We are currently singing the theme song to Thomas And Friends which I learned specifically so I didn’t have to keep making up songs about Thomas every night. That’s not my thing. Thomas and Friends is followed by Be Careful Little Eyes What You See, but Caleb changed the words because he didn’t think the original had any grace in it (Corban gets his affinity for the specific from his father). We then say the Lord’s Prayer (Corban is adamant about “trespasses” not “sins”. What? You’re two!), pray for his heart, and finish with Go Tell It On the Mountain. A Christmas song.

The older Corban gets, the more I’m realizing that I don’t get to choose who he is, what he’s passionate about, or how he expresses himself. I’m also learning that without boundaries, he gets completely lost in his own emotion, unawareness hyperawareness, and inexperience (hmm..that sounds familiar). I feel like we’re in this place of learning him, guiding his strengths, helping him understand his weaknesses, and most importantly, instilling truth in his heart that will seep into his everyday. It’s hard work, folks.


3 Responses to “My Corban”

  1. Larry Dean Says:

    God will bless you and give you wisdom for the journey. Thanks for reflecting!

  2. Breann White Says:

    I really admire how well you know your son and thoughtful and reflective you are in this post. He is such a special kid. Someone told me that there is just a different connection to “the first one”… meaning, the first grandson, nephew… I definitely know what they meant because Corban came to my mind right away. All of the White’s have such a special relationship with him. Reading this made me want to give the little guy a big hug and take him to Uncle Jared and Aunt Breann’s like old times:)

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