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It’s Time February 22, 2013

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This little munchkin is in kahoots with her tiny hands (and CLAWS..that child’s mother should really clip those nails!). They have been scheming to rip my hair out. Maybe she’s trying to fill in some of her own? She does have this wicked bald spot. Regardless, I would like to hold and cuddle my baby without fear for my scalp. I started growing my hair out after Corban was born so i could do all sorts of cool braidy things with it, but alas, it is time for that three year project to end. Don’t try to talk me out of it. My mind is made up. Bye, bye long hair that’s too thick for me to braid, anyway.

I don’t get attached to my hair the way some people do. I actually enjoy the thrill of just chopping it off. Fresh starts. New beginnings. Sometimes I get so caught up in the excitement of new that I forget about the next day freak out that ALWAYS happens, and its not just hair cuts. Eventually I settle into the newness and enjoy the change, but there’s always that moment. Did I make the right choice?

So I need help choosing. Anybody who knows something about hair and face shape and…stuff (or who doesn’t and just has an opinion) want to help me decide what to do with it? That way, when I freak out and decide I look like a boy, I have something to lean on. To better inform your choice, it would help you to know that it’s seriously thick and sort of wavyish. I found these three styles that I like. Ready, go!



5 Responses to “It’s Time”

  1. Karla Johnson Says:

    B baby girl!!! Or A if you want something totally different. You will be beautiful in any haircut though. And just because I am your mom does not mean I am biased. Love you!

  2. Alyssa Jean Says:

    Instyle magazine has a sweet makeover site. Best one of seen so far. And your mom’s right. you will look good no matter what!
    -Alyssa Bruecken (it’s been a long time! so good to see your beautiful family!)

  3. I say B because it looks really easy to style and its still a little long”ish” haha! I love cutting my hair, even though mine is super long now. Cant wait to see the new look!

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