The White Pages

Perfectly?white August 9, 2008

Why the name?  I have this irritation with romanticized views of marriage and of love.  Our culture has created a magical, feelings-driven, fairy-tale, ooey gooey image of “the one” , “the perfect fit” , the “soul mate” ….the list goes on – feel free to  “insert favorite cheesy phrase here”. Real life is – well, much more real life. The name PerfectlyWhite has two meanings – first, it’s a satiric statement that is hilarious for me to read, as I know our relationship and our marriage and our life are anything but perfect, and it looks nothing like a fairy-tale in which every day has an emotional happy ending.  Arguments happen.  A lot. (“Come to Jesus moments” as a friend would say)  We don’t always feel connected or “in love” or starry-eyed.  Love is beautiful, but it’s also hard, it’s unnatural, it’s misunderstood, it’s a choice, but in the hands of humanity it is only possible to decide to love and ask God for the guts and the strength to follow it through.  Second, it’s a reminder that God’s love is perfect and as His children in Christ, He sees us as blameless and the grace in that is enough to keep us steadfast in our pursuit of His perfect love.


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