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Bandwagons February 22, 2013

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Caleb and I are people pleasers. So much so that we often don’t share our opinions, especially opinions on hot topic sorts of issues. But we do have opinions. Usually moderate, I can see both sides sort of opinions. Probably because we are people pleasers. This is getting redundant. Welcome to the world of people pleasing.

This post isn’t about any of those opinions. It’s actually about stuff we’ve been liking lately, and that sort of opinion doesn’t make me want to pee my pants when I think about sharing it with you.

Without further ado, here are the bandwagons we’re on:

Short hair. Lovin’ it.


Duck Dynasty. I can’t lie. That stuff is funny.

Downton Abbey. Am I the only one that thought everyone was watching “downtown” abbey? Now I am less confused. P.S. Caleb likes it too.

Kale. We put it in everything. Spaghetti, fried rice, stir fry, soup, eggs, brownies…not really on that last one. But maybe…

Ikea. Coffee table, bookcase, shelves, and miscellaneous other delights have recently graced our home from this lovely store.

Tea Source. Evening in Missoula. I drink at least two cups a day.

House hunting. Should we, should we not? We’re still praying through it, but man, it’s fun to look at houses.

EOS. Best chapstick evah.

The Story. Our church is reading through this condensed, chronological version of the Bible and it’s making sense of so much biblical history for both of us.

And last but not least, green smoothies. I generally don’t make a lot of smoothies, because the ingredients are expensive, and they don’t go far in this house. I will make an exception, however, if it means I can get Corban myself to drink a glass of spinach. Here’s our cheap fruit, no dairy version :).

1 frozen banana
1 mango, pitted, cubed, and frozen
1 cup 100% pineapple juice
1/2 cup almond milk
2T honey
A couple handfuls of spinach (about 2 cups)
Blend up your smoogie. Yes, smoogie. Corban told me he loves smoogies. He also loves smoochies.


My Corban February 18, 2013

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We’ve had the same bedtime routine with Corban since he was 3 months old. About a year ago, Corban began getting bored (the bored thing he gets from me) with the same carefully chosen songs we had sung to him every night for two years. We had to start getting creative, as he has a definite opinion on which songs are “in” and which are “out”.

It’s actually quite frustrating, the will of this small little person. His choices so often make no sense to me at. all. We are currently singing the theme song to Thomas And Friends which I learned specifically so I didn’t have to keep making up songs about Thomas every night. That’s not my thing. Thomas and Friends is followed by Be Careful Little Eyes What You See, but Caleb changed the words because he didn’t think the original had any grace in it (Corban gets his affinity for the specific from his father). We then say the Lord’s Prayer (Corban is adamant about “trespasses” not “sins”. What? You’re two!), pray for his heart, and finish with Go Tell It On the Mountain. A Christmas song.

The older Corban gets, the more I’m realizing that I don’t get to choose who he is, what he’s passionate about, or how he expresses himself. I’m also learning that without boundaries, he gets completely lost in his own emotion, unawareness hyperawareness, and inexperience (hmm..that sounds familiar). I feel like we’re in this place of learning him, guiding his strengths, helping him understand his weaknesses, and most importantly, instilling truth in his heart that will seep into his everyday. It’s hard work, folks.


It’s Tradition February 15, 2013

Im not really a do the same thing twice kinda gal, much less a do the same thing over and over kinda gal. I tend to prefer getting confused and screwing up something new to repeating a project (book, recipe, movie) over and over. Apparently I bore easily. Sometimes I envy those who find joy in repetition. If I could read books multiple times or watch movies more than once, I think I’d be a lot smarter and may even be able to quote movies. Generally I’m lost when it comes to the movie quoting game, which is fine by me, because usually I find it annoying. However, quoting books would make me feel learned (pronounce learn-ed and you will feel more intelligent).

As our family grows, I am being challenged by my distaste for repetition. There’s something about tradition, by definition a continued pattern, that builds family identity and makes us feel a part of something bigger than ourselves. I want that for our family. It’s grounding. We need a bit of grounding sometimes.

We’re not huge into Valentine’s Day, but we are huge into family and building home and making memories. I like a good excuse to celebrate the special things. Last year we had Valentine’s breakfast for dinner and we did it again this year. I did change up the menu, and this year totally won. Tradition with a bit of flexibility – I can handle that.

Caleb kept asking Corban if he was excited for Valentine’s dinner and Corban was adamant every time, “It’s Breakfast daddy!” Caleb likes to tease.

On the menu: French Toast Towers, Twisted Spicy Bacon, and Farm Fresh Scrambled Eggs with Chives and Dill

French Toast Towers (sans gluten and dairy, if you wish)
A conglomeration of recipes inspired by this picture.

Slice a pound of strawberries and sprinkle them with 1/4 cup of sugar. Set aside. It will get all syrupy while you finish the rest.

Chocolate Ganache
1/3 cup coconut milk
6 oz chocolate chips

Warm the milk on the stove and pour over chocolate. Let sit five minutes and then stir.

Coconut Cream
1 can full fat coconut milk (or cream)
A dash of vanilla
1 T sugar

Chill the can of coconut milk in the fridge as soon as you remember ;). The longer the better. Flip upside down, open the can, and pour off the watery liquid. Scoop the solid coconut cream out into a mixing bowl and beat on high (stand or hand mixer) until peaks form. It won’t be as stiff as cream, but it should have substance. Add vanilla and sugar and beat until combined.

Make your favorite French toast recipe (we love ATK), and if you’re feeling fancy use a heart shaped cookie cutter for festive shaped bread. We used Udi’s gluten free bread and subbed sweet rice flour for the all purpose to make it gluten free, and we switched out almond milk and coconut oil for the milk/butter to make it dairy free. You can keep the French toast warm in the oven at 250.

BUILD YOUR TOWER. This is the best part, and the kiddos love it. Spread some chocolate on a piece of french toast, sprinkle with berries and syrup, and top with a bit of coconut cream. Sandwich another piece of french toast on top and repeat with the toppings. Top with a final piece of french toast and garnish. Or you could just keep going.
Seriously. This is good stuff. Once a year kinda stuff, but good stuff.
Happy Valentine’s Day from the Whites!


She’s 6 Months Old February 11, 2013

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Our baby girl is 6 months old, and I am stilled.

Stilled by how fast her little life has developed and grown.

Stilled by her smile, her contentedness, her grace.

Stilled by how well Corban loves her, his gentleness and concern.

Stilled by the depth of love once again.

I’m learning so much from our Brielley Bean.
She smiles from her soul.
Explores so intently, quietly.
And she waits, sits, takes in moments.
That God would be your might, Sweet Bean.


Momfession February 5, 2013

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Its funny how you think you’re the best parent ever when you don’t have children yet. You play the whole, “When I have kids I will never do that!” or even better, “My kid will never act, do, say that!” I did this all the time. Momfession: I have done many of those things, and my kid has probably acted that way, done that, and said that too.

My children were never going to look like ragamuffins. Corban (child of a youth pastor, mind you) has gone to church with bed head and jelly on his face.

I was never going to put the television on to pacify my children. Done that, too.

I was never going to speak in anger towards (lets be real, or yell at) my children. Never. It doesn’t happen often, but it has happened. I make sure to apologize and ask forgiveness when it does happen. It’s a humbling thing when your two your old says, “Dont talk to me that way!” – and he’s right. We pray a lot during those moments.

My children were never going to throw a fit over a toy in the store. It’s simple psychology. Never buy a toy for your kid when he’s present and he won’t ever expect to get a toy while at the store. Extinction before there’s even a conditioned response. Apparently two year olds don’t take behavioral psychology.

My child was never going to steal another child’s toy. If you want a good argument for original sin, watch a couple of toddlers in a sandbox with only one shovel.

What’s interesting to me about all of these things (and I’m sure there are more) is that they are all behavior and image related. I wanted (wanted, ha, still want) to be a perfect parent with a perfect child. Pleasant, smiling, intelligent, well coifed little robots. I was, and often am, after the wrong thing.

I’m learning how to pray for my children from David. The David from the Bible. The man after God’s heart that had an affair with another man’s wife, lied about it, then killed him to keep it under wraps. That David. No, I don’t want my kids to do these things, but yes, they will make mistakes. They need room to make mistakes. And they need to learn from and live alongside their mom and dad the kind of discipline, grace, and dependence on Jesus that will guide their hearts to change – like David. Hearts that run after God’s heart, that’s what I will pray over my children.



Who wants a fun date idea? January 30, 2013

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Caleb’s cousin sent us a Facebook message Saturday saying she was coming over to babysit our kids. Well, if you really have to, I guess we could find something to do ;). Thanks, Anna!

Now that we live in a city, we date at Target a lot. Fast fact, we also started dating at Target. Romance at its finest. We were 15 and had done the whole, “Hey! Lets go play with the bouncy balls at Target!” thing. That may have been one of the more rebellious things we did in high school. Anyways, we were walking from the store to somebody’s car (whose? we couldn’t even drive…) and I think Caleb said something like, “So I don’t know how to say this but, [long awkward adolescent dating pause] will you go out with me?”. And I said, “Yes, for the rest of our lives. Let’s get married in 5 years and start having kids right away!” Not really. I think I just gave him a big hug and said, “Sure, ok!” I love the look on his face when he recalls that hug. End fast fact.

Saturday night we went to Target and bought $5 pants. Then we went to a coffee shop and spent $10 on lattes. Caleb likes to play games, and I like feeling smart, so we picked up the coffee shop’s Who Wants to be a Millionaire (junior edition). We made up our own rules because that’s more fun, and 60 minutes, 5 phone-a-friends (we have some friends with impressive deductive reasoning skills), an ask the audience (two unsuspecting fellow coffee drinkers), and too much latte later, and I am a junior millionaire. Caleb lost at $300 because of the question who are Hoot, Righty, and Garcia? ┬áThe answer is Beanie Babies, not a jazz trio. I won with the question what is a calliope, which I probably could have answered on my own if Caleb had pronounced it right. I got ahold of Pastor Dave as my phone-a-friend, and he knew the answer with no options and a mispronunciation. He can have 5%. Thank you’s also go out to Susan, Jamie, Kristi, and Jared for their insight on zoology, recess games, Greek mythology, and comic books. I was up until 2 am.

If you’d like a fun date idea, we suggest playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire at a coffee shop. It was one of the most fun dates we’ve had in a long time. We laughed a ton, got out of our comfort zones a bit, and learned some useless trivia. Also, I learned that I should not play the adult edition. I realize not everyone has access to Who Wants to be a Millionaire Junior Edition, but you could add a creative element and make your own. We will probably do this.


Sometimes he does things differently than I do. January 22, 2013

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I love the way Caleb reads books. It used to annoy me. A lot. Actually, a lot of things that Caleb does differently than I do used to annoy me a lot. Some of them still do. He has to have his game pieces set up just so, and they’re so ordered I just have to mess them up a little. When he’s not looking. I usually enjoy the challenge of “how long until Caleb notices his houses are upside down” more than the actual game. Caleb tends to do things slowly(!) and deliberately. He takes time for the details, for order, for being thorough.

I think that the way people read books says a lot about their personality. I can only read one book at a time or I give up altogether (this will help you understand the pile of unfinished craft projects in our basement). Sometimes there’s chocolate on the edges, which may not tell you much about my personality, but does reflect the extent of my chocolate problem affinity. I read quickly, look for the most important ideas, and leave the rest. It takes Caleb probably 5x longer than me to read a book. When he’s done, it looks like its been read. The binding is cracked in several places, the corners of the book are bent gently. He underlines important points. Not everything, like I would, just the few things that really mean something to him. And then, my favorite part, he lets this book that he has spent weeks with affect him. He didn’t give up on it a month back when it was slow going, like I would have. Instead, he has savored the words, thought about them, let them challenge and change him. Imagine what the man does with a Bible in his hands.

I know that he will still read this way when we no longer have little babies asleep upstairs. I know that he will slowly turn pages with the same strong hands. There’s something so wise and confident in the way he reads. It reflects the way he loves.