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New Blog! April 4, 2013

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I probably should have posted this a long time ago, but I created a new blog to replace this one. Head over to to check it out!


It’s Time February 22, 2013

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This little munchkin is in kahoots with her tiny hands (and CLAWS..that child’s mother should really clip those nails!). They have been scheming to rip my hair out. Maybe she’s trying to fill in some of her own? She does have this wicked bald spot. Regardless, I would like to hold and cuddle my baby without fear for my scalp. I started growing my hair out after Corban was born so i could do all sorts of cool braidy things with it, but alas, it is time for that three year project to end. Don’t try to talk me out of it. My mind is made up. Bye, bye long hair that’s too thick for me to braid, anyway.

I don’t get attached to my hair the way some people do. I actually enjoy the thrill of just chopping it off. Fresh starts. New beginnings. Sometimes I get so caught up in the excitement of new that I forget about the next day freak out that ALWAYS happens, and its not just hair cuts. Eventually I settle into the newness and enjoy the change, but there’s always that moment. Did I make the right choice?

So I need help choosing. Anybody who knows something about hair and face shape and…stuff (or who doesn’t and just has an opinion) want to help me decide what to do with it? That way, when I freak out and decide I look like a boy, I have something to lean on. To better inform your choice, it would help you to know that it’s seriously thick and sort of wavyish. I found these three styles that I like. Ready, go!



Chili Cook-Off March 27, 2012

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Saturday was our  3rd Annual Chili Cook-Off!!  This year, the students decided to split the proceeds between the local food shelf and a Coldwater trip they will take the beginning of June.  As usual, it was a blast!  There’s something about people coming together from all over the community to support each other and enjoy friendly competition!  Every year, we feel like we’ve connected with new people, and we just see Jesus present in the whole thing.  We had 12 teams compete this year, and it always amazes me how different chili can taste.   I agreed that both of the winning chilis were delicious, teams from Grand Portage National Monument and the Grand Marais Fire Department, though Pastor Dave’s chili has been one of my favorites every year (my birthday is in a couple of weeks Pastor Dave, just sayin’…)!!  Our family was in town for Corban’s birthday (both sides), so they got in on the chili tasting, too.

Uncle Jared trying some chili.

Kyle & Levi handing out mugs & voting cards.

Abbey, Kara, &  Maria

Jamie trying to look tough, ’cause, ya know, chili is spicy and stuff…

Chance & Colton selling some t-shirts.

Community time.


Out of the Country

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Last weekend we took a group of 14 students & leaders up to a camp outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario for a joint retreat with a youth group from Thunder Bay.  Corban got to stay “on the farm” with some friends of ours who live up there, while Caleb and I retreated with the high school students (he came home praying for the cows and the chickens, he loved them).

The best part of the weekend was seeing how well the students from the two groups connected.  It was a breath of fresh air for the Grand Marais students to spend time with other Christian students who are their age.  They learned so much just from spending time together and came back refreshed, encouraged, and planning more trips to Canada.


Hotchiptotter February 17, 2012

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Sometimes I just can't handle the cuteness.

Hotchiptotter, translation from Corban speak, helicopter.

I keep meaning to write down all of the hilariously cute (to us, anyway) things Corban says.  He’s in the stage where words are coming alive to him and he says new things everyday that I had no idea he even understood!  Here are a few of our recent favorites…

“I WUV you” with an emphasis on the wuv 😉

On the potty he is always very honest…”Big poopin comin!!”

“So sleepy today” (guess who he picked that one up from…)

“I wanna read God book”

“I like dis” (which he says when he wants something…somehow he got it in his head that liking something qualifies him for ownership…he’s quickly learning that’s not quite the case)

Eating blackberries and helping mommy "mix it" (bake).

“Baby hiding Mommy’s tummy…I wuv you baby!”

“Daddy, sup sups!” (He goes to basketball practice with Caleb once a week and the guys have to do push ups when they air ball.  When Caleb misses his shots playing on our little hoop downstairs, Corban reminds him to do his push ups!)

“Say sorry to mommy.”

“I biffed it!” (whenever he falls, which is a lot)

“Pray ceasing”  (Pray without ceasing, minus the without, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, it’s adorable)

“Taleb!  Wife!”  (he calls Caleb by his first name and me “wife”, both of which we correct, but it’s still hilarious)

“Fixin the road.” (from the movie Cars, he likes to push around a little chair and pretend he’s fixing the road)

“Makin coffee daddy.”  (anytime he pours water from one container to another he calls it making coffee)

Throwing rocks is always a favorite, even when the harbor is mostly frozen.

“Mmmm.  Really tasty.”

“Want couple more, please.”

“I like hugs, too.” (after we give him good night kisses)

Some of his current favorite things are playing “chase”, going on “trips” from his room to the living room, the abc song, reading his Bible, football as always, playin “bassetball” with daddy, the movie Cars, Sparrow (the 10 month old we watch a couple of times a week, she’s a doll, and I’m pretty sure the reason Corban wants a sister), play-doh, drawing/coloring, helping mommy “mix it” (bake), his growing collection of individually named stuffed “buddies” (Doug, Ronnie, Marvin, Roger, and Bear), going to the Co-op, taking off/trying to put on his clothes (particularly his “unders”), and yelling…loudly.

Valentine's Day breakfast for dinner!


Intentional February 6, 2012

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I think it’s a better idea to make “New Year’s Resolutions” awhile after the new year has begun.  Maybe that defeats the whole purpose, but I guess to me it makes more sense because the  excitement of the newness has worn off, reality has set in, and making changes in my attitude, day, habits, etc. is more realistic.  It also helps because I never do well when I try and make sudden changes that come with high expectations.  This year, I thought it a great idea to focus on a word rather than a long list of resolutions.  One word that can play itself out in a variety of ways in all areas of my life.  My word for 2012 is intentional.  I’m really good at being intentional about things like taking naps and baking cookies but less so about things like friendships, organization, Bible reading, encouragement, dating my husband, spending time with Corban, etc., etc.  SO, my goal this year is to learn to be intentional.  I don’t have any set ways of doing this or hard core outlines.  It’s more of a constant prayer, a constant asking to be shown ways that I can, little by little, add intentionality to my life.

ImageIn other news, this kid is pot-ty trained.  Hallelujah. Potty training techniques included a lot of running around naked (him, that is…), reading Daddy’s “bootball zeens” on the toilet (Sports Illustrated), and the classic tool of bribery.  You know, civilized things :).


I Should Never Bake When I’m Pregnant… January 29, 2012

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First off, I’ll pretend like I just blogged last week and there’s no 6 month gap between this post and the last…Second off, if I had blogged last week, you would already know that White baby #2 is due August 2 :).  So, assumptions aside…

Some friends of ours in Grand Marais are starting a coffee roasting business called “Fika”.  At 2:00 today, they are introducing Fika to the community by having a free tasting down at the North House Folk School, and they asked if I would make some gluten free treats to go along with the coffee.  “OF COURSE!” was my initial response.  Ha.  Mind you, this is in a half hour and I am sitting here blogging for the first time in 6 months instead of scrambling around trying to fix all of the screwed up gluten free baked goods I attempted to make while 13 weeks pregnant.  There should be a warning on my forehead, “DO NOT let this woman bake during pregnancy without adult supervision.”  I can’t seem to remember anything.

I’m a perfectionist, especially when it comes to those things that I’m supposed to be good at…baking being one of those things.  Someday I would LOVE to start a gluten free bakery of sorts, and I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to help out a friend and show off my skillZ.  Baking is such a great learning ground for grace.  I screwed the cream puffs up 3 times (wasting more than one kind of dough) and thus have no cream puffs to offer the potentially 40+ people, as the last batch over-baked 20 minutes ago.  I forgot to put SUGAR in the scones and under-baked the rugelach.  Despite the fact that I need to be there in 5 minutes, I have decided to be ok with my not-perfect, cream puff-less offering.  We learned a lot about “blessed brokenness” at a marriage retreat last weekend. I am learning to stop fighting my cracked self and instead ask that God bless and use me through (and because of) my brokenness.  Grace.

Enjoying Fika time :).  It all worked out well in the end.